Shhhh Speak Easy ...

February 3, 2018

Last night, I was whisked back into the Prohibition Era when I visited the inconspicuous “...” speakeasy tucked away in Myers Park. First things first, what is a speakeasy?


Shhhh Speak Softly:


In Canada and the United States, the roaring 1920’s were known not only as the Jazz Era, but also the Prohibition Era when the sale, manufacturing, and distribution of alcoholic beverages was illegal. Therefore unlicensed saloons were known as “speak softly shops” or “speak easy shops” . Owners of these establishments would encourage their patrons to “speak softly” of their houses, so as to not draw the attention of law officials. The Prohibition era ended in 1933, however the cultural influence of speak easy houses is still sought after down to this day. To experience a secluded Prohibition style house for yourself, the Dot Dot Dot “...” speakeasy in Charlotte, NC will take you back to this era.



No Password Required


The “...” is a private yet cozy, prohibition style location that is not easily spotted from the street or parking lot.



Prior to entering, I was greeted by a doorman who didn’t require a password or secret knock, but all those entering were required to have a membership. Once I was allowed to proceed, I entered a long dimly lit hallway. Eventually I walked up to a hostess who greeted me and took me into this prohibition styled room. 



As I entered, my ears exchanged greetings with the sounds of soft jazz , and low hums of conversations. To my right there were plush scarlet leather couches, bookshelves, and as I looked above at the ceiling, it was beautifully laced with dim lighting and embroidered copper or tin material. I made my way to the bar to explore the menu.



The winter menu celebrated classic cocktails that were served during the Prohibition Era. Some of these included the Manhattan, The White Lady, The Old Fashion and many more! I was told the house bourbon is a 12-year-old Elijah Craig single barrel.



The first drink I ordered was the Corpse Reviver, which was very smooth, and felt like a cool glass of lemonade on a hot day. The Cocchi Americano pleasantly added a lot of flavor complexity to this drink, and was gently served in a coupe glass, topped off with a lemon wedge that showcased the establishment's logo. If you’re looking for a gin drink that is delicate and slightly sweet, this drink will not disappoint.


To go along with this cocktail, a friend of mine and I shared a cheese and charcuterie board that was nicely balanced. 



The second cocktail of the night was recommended by our bartender to stick with the gin theme. This cocktail was introduced as the Strawberry Fizz:



This cocktail was an interesting twist on a Fizz. The sweetness I experienced was pulled from the strawberries, and its silkiness from ... wait for it - egg whites! Reading egg whites on your drink menu may make you a bit squeamish at first, but it actually adds texture, and smooths out the gin. The egg whites do not have much of a taste, so be brave and give this a try!


If you’re looking for a fun yet refined dining experience, the “...” is a cozy dig that is worth your time. Why not take a journey back in time and look for a speakeasy near you?


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