5 Creative Uses for Your Coffee Mugs!

December 21, 2018


Who made the rule that coffee mugs were only meant for coffee or tea? Are you looking to clean out your old or unused coffee mugs? Why not be creative and put them to good use? In this post, I want to inspire with you 5 creative ways to repurpose a coffee mug. Enjoy!


1) Use a coffee mug to make a get well gift or recovery gift!



2) Use a coffee mug as a planter, instead of a flower vase you will never use again


3) Use a coffee mug as a gift for your friend's new job or promotion!


4) Cheer Up Your Coffee Lover if they had a stressful day or week.


 5) Use it as a beauty care package!

 Once you're done, you can fill your own cup up with something yummy, since your friends will think you're awesome! If you wish to purchase any of the mugs shown in this post, I received mine on

 How would you creatively reuse your coffee mugs?



 * Some affiliate links may have been used in this post. 

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