The Ultimate Guide to a Girl's Vineyard Day Trip!

December 2, 2018




Spending time with your friends is essential to having a healthy lifestyle. Especially when you have a busy schedule, and find it difficult to keep up with one another. One way to truly relax, and spend some quality time with your girls is to plan a wine trip to a local vineyard!  I did so recently, and all of us had a blast! If you're interested in planning something similar, continue reading to learn some of my tips and recommendations to have a memorable girls wine day!:


Tip 1: Transportation 

If you have a group of girls in mind, why not look for a local driver to escort you for the day? That way no one has to worry about drinking and driving! All of you can truly enjoy each other's company. Also as a courtesy, don't forget to tip your driver!


Tip 2: Bring Snacks for the Ride

I recommend starting your trip first thing in the morning, and bringing snacks for your group to enjoy! Some snack ideas that are easy to pack are: Cheese, Crackers, Deli Meat, Fruit, Chocolate, and more!


Tip 3: Personalize Some Tumbler Cups 

To make your day trip memorable, why not purchase tumbler cups for your girls and personalize them! I recommend purchasing cups with lids and straws. That way you do not have to worry about spills in the car, or ruined lipstick :). I would also recommend personalizing each cup by having vinyl stickers made of each girl's name. I purchased our tumblers here on Amazon. I also purchased each girl's vinyl sticker here on Etsy for a very reasonable price.



Tip 4: Purchase Wine Bags for Your Girls

As you visit different vineyards, your group may want to purchase bottles of wine to take home. Make this easy on your group by purchasing wine bags in advance so they do not have to worry about how to carry so many different bottles at the end of the day. I purchased ours for a very reasonable price here on Amazon. 


Tip 5: Choose a Variety of Vineyards

Some girls in your group may have different preferences of wine, rather that be by region, or the level of sweetness that's in the wine. So as you plan out your trip, try to look for vineyards that offer a variety of options, or some that may import grapes from different regions of the country/world. Here in North Carolina, our favorite vineyard from our day trip was Windsor Run Cellars. They offered an excellent selection of wines, and they also had a local distillery! 



Tip 6: Pre-book Your Reservations 

To ensure each vineyard can accommodate your group, and to avoid wait times, be sure to book your reservations in advance, and confirm about 24 hours before your trip. I would also recommend giving each vineyard a courtesy call when you're about 15-30 minutes away to ensure their staff is ready to greet you upon arrival. 


Tip 7: Send an Itinerary for Your Group to Review Ahead of Time 

Once your reservations are confirmed, build the excitement with your group by sending out the itinerary in advance. This will give your girls time to review each of the menus and prices prior to the trip. 



Tip 8: Start a Group Message 

Why not start a group message with your girls prior to the trip? This way, each of you can keep up with each other, share photos along the way, and create lasting memories. 


Tip 9: Bring Water!

Don't forget to pack water ahead of time for the entire day. This way, no one will have to worry about purchasing water at each vineyard, or feeling dehydrated. If you plan to book a car service, they may also provide this as well. 


Tip 10: Create a fun playlist!

To make your car ride enjoyable, why not create a fun playlist of music with all of your favorite songs? Keep the music diverse. I recommend playing slower music to start, and progressively making the music more upbeat as the day progresses for obvious reasons :)


I hope you enjoy this list of tips and ideas! If you have any you wish to share, please do so in the comments below!






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