My Favorite Hair Products for Fall 2018

October 30, 2018

Every few months, I like to change up my products, change my color, figure out which items work best for travel, or try new tools for my hair. From being on the road for three weeks straight, and having my favorite flat iron die on me (he was ten years old!), I fell in love with a few new items that I wanted to share with all of you! However please note, I am not sponsored by any of the companies below. These are my personal reviews that I wanted to write about, since many of you ask about my hair care routine. Enjoy!



My New Favorite Flat Iron !  


10 years ago, a previous hairstylist gave me my first professional flat iron. It was my favorite beauty tool, until one day, my husband plugged in his clippers on high, while my beloved flat iron was plugged into the power outlet. His clippers sent a large electrical current to my iron, resulting in a loud POP! noise. And just like that, my favorite flat iron in the entire world died. I was devastated! I searched the internet high and low, only to find that this ten year old product was no longer manufactured. So when I finally reached the stage of acceptance, I embarked on a new journey to find a new flat iron that was as good to me as my previous one. To my surprise, I found a very reasonable one through Amazon, for only $37, and it worked beautifully! I was skeptical at first because the price was so reasonable, but this flatiron is everything for girls with textured hair! Here's a link to the one I ordered and recommend:


Flat Iron: Kipozi Professional Flat Iron Titanium 1" - Order Here




I try to avoid heat on my hair when possible to prevent damage over time, especially since I have color in my hair. So to keep my hair straight, and to restrain from using a flatiron daily, I wrap my hair at night:



Wrapping my hair at night is not always enough, so I also cover my hair with a satin wrap, which is better than cotton. Wrapping hair at night with a cotton wrap can cause friction against your pillow and hair when you sleep. This could lead to breakage or shedding over time. So I prefer to protect my hair at night with silk or satin. My all time favorite wrap is a brand called "Satin Saks". It not only creates a satin envelop of protection around my hair, but it also includes an adjustable strap that keeps my wrap in place at night. If you want to order one and try it out for yourself, you can request one via email at: . They are $24.99:


Satin Saks:





I currently have various shades of blonde highlights in my hair. My awesome Master Stylist at Studio 321 uses the following shampoo and conditioner on my hair to prevent damage over time:


Ultimate Color Repair Conditioner - Order Here

Ultimate Color Repair Shampoo - Order Here



When I traveled out of the country for three weeks, I was concerned about how to care for my hair, especially being in and out of a salt water ocean, or a pool full of chlorine. These two products are sulfate free, they use natural ingredients such as quinoa, and prevented damage/dryness. I would highly recommend if you are noticing hair damage from color. 


Oil & Moisturizer 


Another product that I love to keep my hair moisturized is the "Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil®". I've tried everything from "Blue Magic", to "Pink Lotion", to "Design Essentials" and more! But simply put,this product is my personal favorite because it provides and locks in moisture, without making my hair stiff, heavy, or greasy. 


Styling Treatment Oil - Order Here




What are some of your favorite hair products?  


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