What I Pack In My Gym Bag!

May 11, 2018

Each week I try to work out at least 3-4 times, mostly early in the morning before work. Working out before work clears my mind, gives me great energy for the day, and boosts my metabolism for any meals that I intake for the day. Sometimes I have mornings that pull me to my bed, and I do not get up in time to workout first thing. Therefore, I have to workout after work, and I find it important to always have my essentials ready to go in my gym bag. 



In this article, I want to share with you some of my favorite items that I keep in my gym bag, and why!


1. Wireless Headphones - I typically use the wireless Beats by Dre headphones during my workout. They are great for sporting activities, and have awesome sound quality.


2. Deodorant 


3. Water Bottle - I also try to keep infused water on me during my workouts to help with the detox process. Sometimes I may fix a lemon water mixture, or my pink water recipe found here


4. Protein Bars


5. Jump Rope - For some strange reason, these babies are always hard to find in the gym! They burn so many calories, and are great for warm-ups!


6. Hair bands & Hair Brush 




7. Pre-Workout - A tip I received from my personal trainer to boost my workout was to use an Amino energy drink to fuel my sessions. 


8. Hand Sanitizer


9. Makeup Wipes - Sometimes if I hit the gym after work, I like to use cleansing wipes before and after my workouts. Especially after touching all of the gym equipment and unintentionally wiping my face throughout my workouts (ewww). These come in very handy!


10. A lock for my locker


11. Baseball Cap - I always take this with me to keep my bangs and hair out of my face


12. Workout Gloves - Just say NO to calluses 


13. Yoga Mat - At my coach's gym (Functional Training Studio), they are very big on sanitation and clean their mats after every Client's use (love it!). However, if I go to a public gym, I'm pretty sure the mats are NEVER cleaned! Therefore, I bring my own yoga mat for warm-ups and stretches. Just tie this to your gym bag, and you're ready to go! 


Also as a good habit, at the end of each week, I take time to restock my snacks after taking the time to clean out my bag and give it a good wipe down to prevent germs or bacteria from spreading. This only takes a few minutes, and keeps your bag smelling fresh! 


What do you pack in your gym bag?




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